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Rubber linings and Products

Rubber lining offers effective protection against corrosion, erosion and chemical attack. Our department has vast experience of rubber lining with both cured and uncured compounds.

Rubber has been used in industrial applications for over a hundred years and has a proven track record. The application of rubber sheeting to pipes and vessels is as relevant to today's industrial processes as it has ever been.

We have experience of lining vessels, pipes, agitators and pumps. In fact, we can rubber line items of just about any shape and size.

Eroded pipe

Example of an un-rubbered eroded pipe stub


Our in-house rubber lining department specialises in using various types of uncured natural and synthetic rubbers. This type of lining needs to be vulcanised in order to become cured and therefore more durable. We use our large autoclave to vulcanise pipes up to 6 meters long. It has a diameter of 2 metres, so we can cure some large objects in here. We also specialise in free steaming larger objects. This involves constructing a temporary custom built housing before we vulcanise the object. Using this method, we can cure objects that are just about any shape or size.

  • Autoclave for Vulcanising Rubber
  • Large Rubber Lining Facilities
  • Natural and Synthetic Rubbers for Industrial and Food Industry Usage
  • Roller Coverings
  • Fast Turnaround on all Contracts
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On Site Rubber Lining

We also have the capability to do onsite lining and repairs using both precured rubber sheeting and site curing sheeting. This enables us to make speedy repairs to onsite vessels where the existing lining may have become damaged. Depending on the extent of damage, we can often hand back your vessel to return to into service within 24 hours of the initial phone call to us. This can save an exponential amount of money for our clients due to process down time.

Onsite Vessel Repairs

Onsite Vessel Repairs