Cleveland Corrosion Control

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Fibreglass GRP is an immensely versatile material. We use it both in the construction of pipes and vessels and also for the repair of both GRP and metal pipes and vessels. We use the Derakane 411 series of resins for applications that require chemical and heat resistance. Derakane also has a superior adhesion. We find this resin ideal for most critical industrial applications. We also use a general purpose resin for less critical applications such as boat repair and for the production of custom moulded items.

  • Fibreglass Roll
  • Choped Strand Matting
  • Woven Roving Tape
Fibreglass Roll1 Choped Strand Matting2 Woven Roving Tape3
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On Site Work

We are able to attend short notice repairs, such as leaking pipework or damaged vessel linings. Our Fibreglassing department is also fully skilled at plastic welding. These skills ensure that any kind of pipework damage can be repaired quickly by our work force. We have facilities for shot blasting which can be brought to site. This provides clean metalwork on which to adhere the fibreglass.

We are capable of repairing:

  • On-site Team
  • Stub Replacement
  • Leak repairs
  • Strengthening Systems
On-site Team1 Stub Replacement2 Leak repairs3 Strengthening Systems4
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In House Plastics and Fibreglassing Department

We have a spacious plastics and fibreglassing manufacturing department capable of producing both large and small diameter FRP (Fibreglass Reinforced Plastics) pipelines of any length. We have space for the construction of FRP vessels for both industrial and domestic application. Our skilled workforce is capable of producing custom moulds from just about anything which needs to be replicated.

We also specialise in plastic welding and the fabrication of:

  • FRP Pipeine Fabrication
  • FRP Vessels and Systems Fabrication
  • Design and Construction
  • Fibreglass Mouldings
  • Customised moulds For Any Application
  • Plastic Welding
  • Plastic Component Fabrication
  • Plastic Chutes
  • Milling and Machining
FRP Pipeine Fabrication1 FRP Vessels and Systems Fabrication2 Design and Construction3 Fibreglass Mouldings4 Customised Moulds for Any Application5 Plastic Welding6 Plastic Component Fabrication7 Plastic Chutes8 Milling and Machining9
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