Cleveland Corrosion Control

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About Us

We began our business over 30 years ago, situated at the edge of the Teesside chemical and steel industry. We conducted most of our business with the likes of ICI, British Steel and Cleveland Potash. Obviously, times change, both ICI and British Steel are no more and have been broken up into many other names. We are still here. We still perform many of the same duties and work on similar plants. Only now we have a much bigger and better equipped factory. Our strength lies in our scalability. We can handle the smallest jobs, such as one off patch repairs to jobs of a grand scale.

We recently provided five new full product screener systems at short notice to a local mine, and we regularly fabricate and rubberline new pipelines for plant systems.

Originally our aim was to service north eastern industry, This aim has shifted somewhat. We now aim to service industry world wide. We have done work for the US, Germany, Ireland, Pakistan, Jordan and Russia.

Our laboratory is equipped to solve corrosion problems that are caused by unknown problems. With our knowledge of the reactive actions of dynamic fluid and gas systems, you can be assured that you are in safe hands with Cleveland Corrosion.


Managing Director David Whitlock